Losing Face in Bali

Deranged Female Tourist Attacks and Damages Denpasar, Bali Landmark

The Denpasar landmark – Patung Catur Muka Bali (the four-faced statue) has been damaged and dishonored by a middle-aged female tourist who mounted the statue in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday, February 2, 2019.

The woman's 5:00 am dance and shouting session on the monument drew attention of people passing by. The statue is located in Denpasar’s main square in front of the Governor’s official residence.

Before law enforcement officers could coax the woman down  she managed to destroy some of the ornamentation on a statue designed by one of Bali’s most revered artists, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad

In the course of removing the woman from the statue, whose name and nationality still remain a mystery, she attacked a member of the local enforcement team (Satpol PP) biting him on the leg. Police have transported the woman to Bali’s mental health facility in Bangli.

The statue is a representation of the diety Dewa Brahma with each of the four faces point to a different direction of the four winds. The eastward-facing countenance is that of Sanghyang Iswara – the representative of wisdom. The southern facing countenance is Sanghyang Brahma who preserves peace and order. The face of Sanghyang Mahadewa faces to the west to promote feelings of affection. The fourth face of Sanghyang Wisnu looks to the north with the powers to purify the souls of mankind.

If anyone can help in identifying this woman they are urged to contact the Bali police.