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Lovina: Where Rivers Now Flow Clean

Buleleng Regency Responds to Local Press Reports of Raw Sewage Discharge onto Popular Tourist Beach

The Regency of Buleleng has formally responded to coverage on Balidiscovery.com and Nusabali.com regarding a polluted stream of sewage emanating from 23 local businesses in Lovina apparently discharging via an open culvert onto a local beach.

At a meeting convened by the Head of the Tourism Service for Singaraja, Nyoman Sutrisna, on January 8, 2020, that was attended by Regency officials, Hotel and Restaurant Association Members, and Village heads - the following response was made to the news originally featured in NusaBali of a “black river” of effluent originating from 23 hotels, restaurants, and art shops caught discharging raw sewage into the dry river bed in Lovina.

In a letter of clarification recording the findings of the meeting, the following points were made:

  • Tourism stakeholders, the government of Buleleng, local businesses and members of the surrounding community have taken concrete steps to end the pollution of the local riverbed.
  • The community and local businesses have now constructed individual holding reservoirs/septic tanks to retain their respective effluent discharges.
  • The Regency of Buleleng has organized a continuing clean-up of all rivers flowing to the seashore.
  • The Regency is preparing a budget and detail engineering design to establish a communal holding tank/septic tank.
  • The Regency, working through the Tourism Service (Dinas Pariwisata) is undertaking a continuing socialization for local businesses and private residences on the importance of preserving the seven “pillars of enchantment” for Indonesian tourism (Sapta Pesona), namely: Security, Orderliness, Cleanliness, Refreshingly cool, Beauty, Friendliness, and Being Memorable.
  • The future management of the Lovina area, in cooperation with the Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI),  will now be performed by the Regency and local stakeholders in order to maintain the overall cleanliness of the area.

Balidisovery.com is happy to share this good news from North Bali and Buleleng.

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