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Making Kuta Beach Wave Proof

Most Kuta Beach Hotel Have earned Disaster Mitigation Certification

The head of the data, information and public relations division of the National Disaster Mitigation Center (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, told Kompas.com that the majority of hotels along Kuta Beach in Bali understand and embrace the need to participate in disaster mitigation programs.

Suptopo said the measure in place among Kuta hotels have rendered the area as a model area for other hotels intent on disaster mitigation. Sutopo explained most Kuta hotel properties have qualified for a disaster mitigation certificate from the BNPB-Bali.

Following detailed inspections of the property, sheltering areas, emergency signage, and the competency of staff to guide guests to safety, the certificate issued determines if a hotel is prepared to face emergency continues in the event of an earthquake, tsunami or other natural disasters.

Sutopo said BNPB officials also review the design of hotels and a building’s ability to withstand an earthquake, flooding, or tsunami. At the same time, hotel owners are being urged to build safety shelters on the upper floors of hotels to provide a safe refuge in the event of a tsunami. Evacuation route signage is also being installed to point the way to safety for those fleeing an imminent tsunami strike.

Sutopo continued, saying: “Confronting natural disaster is a shared responsibility. Developers must also prioritize disaster planning. Hotel owners are being asked to install tsunami warning towers equipped with sirens to warn guests and surrounding communities of incoming tsunamis. The cost of a single tsunami siren tower is put an approximate Rp. 50 – 100 million each with sirens with an has an effective range of 1 kilometer.