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Minister Wants a New Master Plan for Bali’s Cruise Port

BUMN Minister Calls for Rethink and Revamp of Development Plans for the Port of Benoa

Beritabali.com quotes the Minister of State-owned Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir, who states that the total annual number of domestic and international tourists traveling through Bali has now reached 24.7 million, a number targeted by the Minister to soon reach 37 million.

The Minster’s count apparently counts include visitors coming to Bali by all modalities, including, air, ship, and inter-island ferry. Thohir said the 24.7 million target for Bali visitors must be supported with sufficient transportation facilities, including those arriving in Bali by cruise ship, adding that Bali new Cruise Port at Benoa will play a key role in achieving the targeted visitor levels.

Because of this, the BUMN Minister said he will try to revamp the current site plans for the Port of Benoa to make sure allowances have been made for long-term planning. “I want the plans for the Port reviewed and revised with a resulting new master plan that contemplates conditions for ten years into the future. Let’s not (be restricted by) thinking that a Cabinet Minister only serves for five years, meaning what’s built now gets demolished or moved again. Planning must be done in a thorough way, not done in bits and pieces,” said Thohir.

Minister Thohir visited the Port of Benoa and reviewed current development plans for the port on Thursday, November 28, 2019.

“Let’s consider (the plans) again, such as the decision to build a cruise pier adjacent to a fishing pier and a fuel (BBM) station. Such plans are certain to have a negative effect. Tourists disembarking a ship will be greeted with the smell of fish, stacks of shipping containers, and the aroma of fuels and alike. This needs a new site plan to make the best use of the location and separate these elements. For cruise ships an excellent panorama must be a priority, the other elements can be built in a back area,” commented Thorir.

Despite the Minister’s desire to maintain a respectable distance between passenger piers and piers used for the fishing fleet. Thohir is hopeful differing sectors of the sea-going economy can support each other. Adding: “Like in Japan, Seoul, or Busan where there are fishing wharves where culinary centers are incorporated into the final design to maximize the use of time. A tourist can select fresh fish that can be fried, BBQ’d or cook in some other method on the spot and enjoyed by visitors. This is certain to be excellent, allowing tourists to walk, dine, and enjoy the sea views.”

Referring to the planning of the Port of Benoa, Minister Thorir re-emphasized that the wise use of available space and the surrounding environment must be carefully considered. The Minister said a “one-stop mall” with food items that could be consumed on the location could form part of the facility. He suggested a coffee shop could serve Indonesia’s outstanding coffee. Roads can be used as jogging tracks, and whenever passengers wish to travel ashore then transportation elements must be incorporated.

Minister Erick Thohir promised he will soon convene a meeting of stakeholders connected to sea tourism, the Central Government, Provincial and Regency officials, BUMN Companies, and related agencies to discuss plans to revamp plans for the Port of Benoa.

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