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Missing Chinese and Domestic Tourists in Bali

Bali By The Numbers: Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Bali increased 9.69% in October 2019. Domestic Tourism Arrivals to Bali Remain Depressed.

The number of foreign tourist visiting Bali in October 2019 represented the highest number of recorded foreign visitors for the same month over the past four years. October 2019 saw 568,067 foreign tourist land in Bali, an increase of 9.69% when compared to the 517,889 tourists who came to the island in October 2018. Looking back to earlier years, October 2017 recorded 465,085 foreign tourist arrivals; October 2016 counted 432,215 foreign tourists.

The 568,067 foreign tourists who came to Bali in October 2019 comprised a 41.94% share of all foreign arrivals nationally.

In terms of market share for October 2019 foreign visitors to Bali, Australian tourists numbering 119,382 visitors represented the largest share at 21.02%, followed by Mainland Chinese (15.46%), Indian (5.15%), U.K. (4.67%), and French (4.18%).

When compared to October 2018, Australian visitors to Bali increased 12.73% month-on-month in October 2019.

Meanwhile, Mainland Chinese (PRC) visitors to Bali in October 2018 totaled 118,130 - decreasing 25.66% in October 2019 to only 87,819 visitors.

As reported by Balipost.com, for the period January – October 2019, visitors from Asia (not including ASEAN) to Bali totaled 1.9 million, Europe totaled 1.2 million, Oceania 1.1 million and ASEAN 484,000.

According to the Central Statistics Bureau (BPS), starred hotels in Bali recorded an average occupancy of 63.30% in October 2019.

Although reliable detailed statistics are not on hand, the general consensus is that the domestic travel market to Bali remains severely depressed.

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