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New Statue of Revolutionary Hero Gusti Ngurah Rai to be Installed at Airport Underpass

The statue of the Balinese revolutionary hero I Gusti Ngurah a Rai, now standing in the park atop the new underpass at the entrance to Bali’s Airport, will be dismantled and moved to Puri Carangsari in Petang.

The statue, that was erected in 1970, will be replaced by a larger statue erected in the same location.

Quoted by, Kusno Erianto, the project manager for the construction of the new Underpass, said: “The old statue will be replaced with a new statue that is 6 meters high while the old statue was only 4 meters high.”

The old, smaller statue will be handed over to the family of I Gusti Ngurah Rai at the Carangsari Palace in Petang.

The new and taller statues will be installed at the entrance to the airport in August 2018.

The original statue of Gusti Ngurah Rai was designed by Robi Sularto Sastrowardoyo, a 1967 graduate of the Institut Teknologi Badung (ITB) 1967. The new statue was also designed by an ITB graduate, Surya Pernawa, a fine arts graduate from the prestigious school born in Singaraja, Bali.

I Gusti Ngurah Rai was a Balinese revolutionary fighter who died in the battle of Marga, Tabanan on November 20, 1946

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