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More Opportunities for Bali Cruise Passengers to Shop on Shore

Bali Governor and BUMN Minister Wants Places Created at Benoa Cruise Port for the Sale of Local Handicraft Products.

Beritabali.com reports that Bali Governor Wayan Koster has called for a number of improvements at Bali’s Benoa Cruise Port including a strategic area set aside to permit local small and medium-sized entrepreneurs thr opportunity to sell their local handicrafts to visiting cruise ship passengers.

The Governor remarks were made during an inspection visit to the Benoa Port in the company of the Minister for State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir, on Thursday, November 28, 2019.

“With the construction of the cruise port there will certainly be new prospects for the commercial sector of the economy. In this regard, we hope that small and medium-sized enterprises together with local entrepreneurs can be given a more meaningful role. An area must be prepared to help develop (local) businesses that will positively impact Bali’s economy. The main products to be promoted would be locally made items, handicrafts that grow out of local wisdom and traditions. These are our values. If we sell other items, such items can already be found in the home nations of cruise visitors. Benoa is one of our gateways for tourism that must be made to represent the Island of Bali,” said the Governor.

The Governor said that the average cruise visitor to Bali spends only 8 hours on the Island. Koster expressed his wish that, in the future, cruise passengers would consider extending their stays by overnighting in Bali.

The BUMN Minister, Erick Thohir, endorsed the Governor’s desire to expand economic opportunities for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs at Bali’s increasingly busy Port of Benoa. The Minister called for more detailed studies to be completed on the profile of the number of cruise ship visitors and their tastes as regards shopping.

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