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Neither Rain, Storm, Nor Neighboring Earthquake . . .

No Measurable Impact on Bali Arrivals Following August 5th Earthquake in Lombok

NusaBali reports that following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that shook North Lombok and the surrounding areas including Bali on Sunday, August 5, 2018, has not had a negative impact on Bali’s tourism industry.  The head of the Bali Tourism Office, Anak Gede Yuniartha Purta, said on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, that there has been no notable decline in the average 20,000 foreign tourist arrivals landing in Bali each day.

Yuniartha said Bali arrivals continue at normal levels and agents and hotels are not yet reporting any cancellations. He said he remains hopeful that the earthquake in Lombok will not have a negative impact on Bali’s tourism. “The condition of Bali tourism is good!” said Yuniartha.

In order to preserve the strength of Bali tourism, Yuniartha said the stakeholders must coordinate their efforts. One way in which this must be done is to minimize the role played by sensational or hoax news regarding the earthquake and underline to the world that Bali remains safe and secure.

“The earthquake did not happen in Bali, but in Lombok,” he said.

The head of Bali Tourism said that members of the Bali Tourism Industry Hospitality Center have responded to the Lombok natural disaster in assisting to evacuate over 2,000 foreign tourists from the Gili Islands in the two days following the earthquake. The Hospitality Center coordinated sea transportation, land transport, and hotels in Bali.

Separately, the chairman of the Bali Hotel Association (BHA), Ricky Putra, confirmed his members are not reporting any cancellations in connection with the earthquake in neighboring Lombok.