No Escaping Egypt

Egyptian Ambassador to Jakarta Praises Bali During Visit to Bali
Egypt’s Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Ahmed Amr Ahmed Moawad, has declared that Bali possesses a certain “flavor” that differentiates it from the rest of Indonesia.

As reported by, the Egyptian Ambassador told the attendees at the Indonesia-Africa Forum that Bali is a special and unique tourism destination that sets it apart from the rest of the world.

Ambassador Mowad said that he wished to use part of his current visit to Bali to purchase Balinese handicrafts.

Not forgetting to pay homage and promote his home country, the Ambassador said that Egypt develops tourism based on a combination of cultural and historical elements. His country has a long history of Islamic and Christian prophets who built pyramids and sailed the Nile. Ambassador Moawad hoped Indonesians would visit his country and experience its many wonders.

During an audience with Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, the Island’s Chief executive said he hoped Egypt’s highest official in the Republic of Indonesia would enjoy his diplomatic assignment in the archipelago. On a personal note, Governor Pastika offered some practical suggestions on where to shop for the best handicrafts during his current visit. Pastika heaped praised on Egypt as a Country with a long and rich history admired by the entire world.

The Governor and the Ambassador also exchanged small gifts. Bali’s Governor presented a Balinese woodcarving and a video on the Island while the Ambassador gave the Governor a statue depicting an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

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