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No-stop Drive Through Payment Planned for Bali Toll Road

Jasa Marga Bali Toll to Test New Payment System in Early 2019

Bali’s only toll road on the southern tip of the island operated by PT Jasamarga Bali Tol (JBT) is preparing to test a new payment system to replace the cumbersome e-card gated system now in operation.

The CEO of JBT, Enkky Sasono, told beritabali.com that early in 2019 the toll road will trial test a new system where drivers will no longer need to stop at a toll gate, but simply drive through while the cost of the passage is automatically debited online.

Motorist will be expected to establish a positive balance on an e-payment system from which payments can be deducted.  Motorist will need to pre-register their hand phone number and licenses plate. Payments would be deducted from a mobile phone application each time the gate is passed.

Sasono said that tourists staying for a short period in Bali may still want to use the present e-card system instead of installing an application on their Hand Phone.

The aim of the new payment system is to reduce the occasional lines encountered when using the Bali Toll Road.