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On a Bad Trip with American Tourister

German Tourist Facing Possible Death Sentence for Smuggling Hashish into Bali

Radarbali.com reports that German national, Frank Zeidler (56) is undergoing trial in a Denpasar courtroom after being arrested at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport off Thai Airway TG 431 on Saturday, December 8, 2019 in possession of 2 kilograms of hashish.

He has been charged under Indonesia’s anti-narcotics laws and faces a possible punishment of either death before a firing squad or a 20 year sentence in prison.

When Custom’s Officers deemed Zeidler was acting suspiciously they submitted his American Tourister Suitcase to X-ray examination starting an examination process that yielded the discovery of the 2-kilograms of hashish concealed in the suitcase’s lining.

A test of the German’s urine also showed positive for use of hashish.

The man’s trial continues in Denpasar.

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