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One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, More

Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort in Bali Redefines How a Resort Relates to a Community

The business model of many modern resorts in Bali is one of secluded privacy - a luxurious reserve exclusively for the privileged few who have booked their holiday stay. The newly opened Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort has made a radical departure from this elitist model, choosing, instead, to open most of the public areas of the Resort to the surrounding community.


Adjacent to Bali's legendary Potato Beach Club, the Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort provides 4-categories across 168 Studio Rooms adjacent to 6-categories of luxury in 57 Katamana Suites. 


Comprised of three buildings, the Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head blends seamlessly with the Potato Beach Club that begins each day as the Island's best beach clubs. Later, as the sun sets, the beach transforms into a dance and party playground - featuring superlative music, food, and drink.


And, no matter how hard someone parties, the understanding staff at Potato Beach Club will help guide you back in the direction of your stylish accommodation steps away at the Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort.


The architects describe The Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort as embodying the very essence of Bali - the Island's welcoming interaction between different cultures. While most resorts are paradoxical places that emphasize an "exclusive enjoyment" of the guests that is "detached from the life of the local community." Built on the last remaining unoccupied beach fronts in Seminyak, The Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort abandons notions of "exclusivity" in favor of fashioning a resort that "is reconsidered as a part of the community."



The Potato Head Studios is a resort that is open to the public. While it has private guest rooms and facilities, the remaining areas are invitingly open to all. This includes an exhibition space and a large sunset bar. A large open platform forms the centerpiece of the Resort – an area used for festive celebrations, cultural events, and daily leisure activities organized for the guests and the public's enjoyment. This platform serves as an "international meeting place" for exciting interactions with Bali's vibrant culture - an experience shared equally between guests staying at the Resort, the surrounding community, performers, artists,  and Island visitors are drawn to Potato Head's beautiful beach locale. 


A public route connects the open platform, floating complex, restaurants, pool, and spa culminating at a rooftop that serves as a public space and cultural park.



The Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort's commitment to sustainability and the world's fragile environment is reflected in many distinctive ways.


Zero-Waste Kit

A water bottle, a RPET tote bag (made from recycled polyethelyne terephthalate – recycled plastic), bamboo cutlery and straws, organic cotton pouch, ointment pots, and a lunchbox.


Refillable Essentials

All-natural sunscreen, after-sun care, hand sanitizer, and insect repellent.


In-Room Bar

A built-in ice well, custom cocktail tools, house-infused spirits, natural syrups, aromatic bitters, fresh fruit, and a recipe book from award-winning mixologist Dre Masso.


Natural Soaps

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap, and bath salts from Bali's all-natural fragrance house, Sensatia Botanicals.



A ceramic base handmade in Ubud by Gaya Ceramic and Design with a reed diffuser and custom Bali-inspired scent by Japanese brand retaW


Bio Slippers

Fully biodegradable slippers made from coconut husks, woven palm leaves, fabric offcuts, and pond reeds.


Cotton Robe

A cotton robe designed by Studio Toogood.


Max Lamb Furnishings

A recycled-plastic desk chair and accessories, volcanic glassware, volcanic ceramics, patio furniture, floor lamps with an ijuk shade, and a bamboo chair - all creatively fashioned by the forward-thinking designer.


Circular Basketry

Bins, baskets, and trays made by Sustainism Lab using recycled Styrofoam, plastic bottles and caps, and food waste such as oysters and clamshells.


New Editions

A selection of beautifully bound books focusing on art, design, and sustainability.


Guest or visitor - all are welcome at the The Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort.


Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head Resort Website

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