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Outlaws on the Road in Tabanan, Bali

Tabanan Regency in Bali Seeks to Reduce Number of Motorists Delinquent in Paying their Road Taxes

RadarBali.com reports that data from the Bali Provincial Traffic Police suggest that only 500 of the estimated 2,000 large motorcycles calculated to be present on the Island have paid any road tax. In this context, “large motorcycle” is what are called “motor gede” in local parlance – huge motorcycles of 500 cc or more with price tags running easily into the hundreds of millions of Rupiah.

The problem of motorcyclists not paying their annual road tax is not limited to only large motorcycles with even smaller motorcycles also ignoring the law. This was demonstrated in a recent roadblock established by police at the Village of Luwes, Baturiti on the Denpasar to Singaraja road where a large number of motorbikes of all sizes were found to be delinquent in paying their annual tax obligation.  At a single roadside inspection, violations were detected comprised of 67 traffic violations, 40 vehicle tax violations, and 6 failure to have vehicle roadworthiness certificates (KIR). Chief among the traffic violations was the failure to be able to present a driver’s license (SIM) or a registration (STNK). Most of those unable to present a SIM were students too young to legally operate a motorcycle.

Police typically give leniency to students without SIM if they can show a student identification card. Somewhat inexplicably, after receiving a warning, the students are allowed to continue on their journey despite that any further operation of a vehicle by an under-aged individual once detected by police is expressly forbidden by law.

Increasingly ironic, those unable to present a student identification card or a STNK are given a ticket before being allowed to continue a journey on a vehicle they cannot prove they are entitled to operate.

Police seized 35 STNKs, 18 SIMS and 13 vehicles in the course of the roadside inspection.

Data collected by the Regency of Tabanan shows that 12,000 vehicles in Tabanan are in arrears in unpaid road taxes to the amount of Rp. 8 billion. In order to collect these unpaid taxes, police and Regency tax officials plan to intensify the number of roadside inspections. If 5,000 motorists can be persuaded to pay their delinquent road taxes, this would reduce the unpaid total from Rp. 8 billion to Rp. 6 billion.

The number of motorcycles operating without satisfying delinquent road taxes in Tabanan Regency is put at 9,500 units.

Police and tax authorities, however, are encouraged that the number of motorists with unpaid road taxes decreased by 4,000 in 2019 when compared to 2018.

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