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Pilfering Made Painfully Public

Vacationing Indian Family of 9 Recorded Online and in Infamy Stealing from a Bali Seaside Hotel

A video of a security guard at the luxury Royal Purnama Villa in Sukawati, Gianyar catching an Indian family of 9 in the process of stealing hotel property has gone viral on social media. 

As reported by detik.com and a host of other leading national media, the video shows the family being momentarily detained in the Resort’s parking lot on Friday, July 26, 2019, as their luggage is opened by housekeeping and security staff revealing stolen clothes hangers, towels, customized ceramic amenity dispensers, and even electronic speakers.

As the angry hotel staff uncover the guests’ larceny, angry words were exchanged accusing the Indian visitors of being nothing more than common thieves. In return, the Indians tried to defuse the situation by offering to pay for the stolen items, pleading their criminality not be brought to the police.

The Indian family had been staying for three nights at the kuxury beachside resort. Hotel staff reportedly spotted the family concealing items in their luggage, prompting the humiliating baggage inspection by security staff in the parking lot.

The head of the Sukawati Police Precinct, AKP Suryadi, confirmed to the press that he was aware of the incident.  The police officer had little additional comment except to say the Indian family had paid compensation for the lost items.

Many commented on social media calling for the family to be brought up on criminal charges of thievery and detained for a period in jail.

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