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Please, Don’t be Gone in a Flash

Practical Tips on Avoiding Fatal Lightning Strikes in Bali

Bali is currently experiencing heavy rains, often accompanied by thunder and lightning. With the rain and nature's electrical fireworks also comes floods, landslides, and the risk of being struck by lightning.

As reported by RadarBali, the Meteorology, Climate and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has issued the following guidelines on how to avoid the potentially fatal effects of being struck by lightning:

  1. Quickly take shelter inside a building or your car when you hear thunder or see lightning in the distance
  2. If you are in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi, quickly get out to a location far from the water. Lightning can disperse its energy to any standing pools of water.
  3. When it rains do not take shelter under a tree. Trees can be struck by and conduct energy, injuring and killing those standing beneath the tree.
  4. Keep a distance from electrical poles or high-voltage power towers that are often the object of lightning strikes.
  5. Don’t stand in the middle of rice fields, open fields, or gardens. Lightning will target open areas to discharge its deadly energy.
  6. If you are driving a motorcycle during a thunder storm, quickly stop driving and look for a place to shelter. Do not park under a large tree to wait for the storm to pass. Don’t try to drive through a lightning storm.
  7. If you are sheltering outside a building, make a space of 3-5 meters between yourself and people standing nearby to avoid transmitting the lightning’s energy in the event of a lightning strike.