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Port of Benoa: Deeper and Wider

Bali Port of Benoa Preparing to Welcome the Mega Cruise Ships

Beritabali.com reports that the Port of Benoa in South Bali is undergoing a massive redevelopment that will increase the size of the actual port and allow the berthing of large ocean-going cruise ships that will be made possible by extensive dredging, the deepening of ships’ channels, and the lengthening of the eastern shipping berth.

Officials in charge of the port are targeting that the revamped port will be able to handle 160 cruise ships in 2019.

The CEO of Pelindo III in Bali, I Wayan Eka Saputra, said on August 31, 2018, “Now through the end of this year (2018) 80 cruise ships will berth in Benoa. After the dredging is finished and ships’ channels are deepened we hope to double current capacity to 160 cruise ships.”

In the past, the Mean Low Water Spring (MLWS) or the low water heights occurring at the time of spring tides was 9-meters. Following port improvements, the MLWS at the Port of Benoa will become 12-meters. The dredging and channel deepening work has been completed at the port with final certification by an international maritime agency the only remaining step before large ships are given a green light to visit the Port.

The dredging in front of the eastern pier and turning basin commenced in April 2018 and now allows ships carrying 3,352 passengers to disembark directly from ship to shore.

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