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Group Wants to Build Large Meditation Pyramid in Karangasem

A group of spiritualists and mediation enthusiasts have announce plans to build a large pyramid in the Bali Regency of Karangasem to serve as a center for their noetic practice.

As reported by, Selorini Mina, announced in Denpasar on Friday, November 23, 2018, that the proposed pyramid will be constructed in Karangasem at a cost of approximately Rp. 1 billion.

“At this time we have already built a pyramid in Ubud (Central Bali). The second pyramid in Bali will be established in Karangasem,” said Selorini. 

Selorini said her group is now seeking donations in order to construct the pyramid. This will be achieved in various ways including the “Suly Rejuvenation Festival 2018” to be held in Mas, Ubud, Gianyar on December 1-2, 2018.  The Festival will offer a range of activities to raise funds to build the Karangasem pyramid.

Selorina Mina told the press that the new pyramid as a place of meditation will bring “positive energy” to people living in close proximity to the structure. Continuing, she explained: “There are so many positive examples, such as in India. Pyramids built in India as centers of meditation have been proven to reduce levels of violence in their locales, bring positive energy to local residents, and are not connected with any specific religion or system of beliefs – this is a universal structure with only a spiritual goal.”

An Indian Master of Pyramid Meditation, Manoj Kumar, claims the pyramid structure is already very popular for spiritualists and meditators in India, especially in that Nation’s South.  Manoj said pyramids have had a spiritual influence since ancient times in Egypt. “Pyramids are among the most stable structures and are most open to receive the highest cosmic energy on the planet. If correctly built to the correct size and proper location, the pyramid can become a storage place for a force of nature,” Manoj said.

Manoj, who now lives in Ubud, insists meditation carried out in a pyramids can be three time more effective than meditation done without the aid of a pyramid.

Continuing: “If the energy of a pyramid is absorbed in a routine fashion, the body’s immunity can improve markedly. If we drink water that has been stored in a pyramid for three days, a universal energy will be read every part of our body.”

Meanwhile, question have arisen in some circles on how pyramids are dealt with under local zoning rules and regulations.