Roland, Ruhe in Frieden

82-year-old German Retiree in Bali Dies from Self-Inflicted Gunshot

An 82-year-old German retiree living in Bali, Roland Fraster, committed suicide on Thursday, November 29, 2018, with a self-inflicted gun shot wound at his home on Jalan Sekuta in South Denpasar.

The German’s Balinese wife, Ni Wayan Beji Astuti (62), was at home when she heard two shots.

Police and family members believe Fraster, who had recently suffered a stroke and had other health problems, was depressed at the time of his death. reports that Fraster’s wife had spoken to her husband just prior to his death at 8:30 pm on Thursday evening. The man told his wife he was going to rest in his room. 15 minutes laters, two gun shots were heard by the family and neighbors. When the wife went to the bedroom she found her husband lying in a pool of blood. She immediately called for help, thinking her husband had fallen. A doctor from a nearby clinic and police were soon summoned to the scene.

Police discovered the man’s lifeless body and two shell casings on the floor near the body and a Walther pistol. The gun’s shells and magazine were scattered across the floor prompting police to think that the pistol fell to the floor and disassembled on its own. There were two unused shells still in the pistol.

The man’s wife and childen both claim they had no idea the German owned a pistol. Police are investigating the background on the weapon in a Country where private gun ownership is tightly contolled and the German's possession of a firearm would have been a serious crime.

The German had been hospitalized on a number of occasions in recent months due to kidney disease and diabetes. He had also recently suffered  a stroke and has cardiac issues.

The couple have a son, Undhi (21), who is a university student in Bali. 

The man’s bidy was taken to the Sanglah General Hospital for forensic examination, while police continue to investigate the case.