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Australian Government Assisting Bali in Conquering Mounting Trash Problem
To help Bali address the mounting problem of trash disposal in Bali, the Australian Consulate-General in Bali will host a seminar featuring experts in the field of waste disposal.

As reported by, Dr. Helena Studdert, the Consul-General of Australia for Bali outlined the plan for a coming seminar to Made Mangku Pastika during a visit to the Governor’s office on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Dr. Studdert said that the millions of tourists, including Australian tourists, who visit Bali every year, add to the growing amount of trash left on the Island. For this reason, Australia feels a responsibility to help Bali solve the problem of trash management. As a first step, the Australian Government is sponsoring a  discussion forum to explore solutions to the problem.

The seminar will be held on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 to be attended by leaders and experts in the area of trash control and management. Hotels in Bali that have adopted a zero waste management program will also be invited to attend.

Governor Pastika expressed his gratitude to the Consul-General and the plans outlined to hold the waste management seminar in Bali. He acknowledged that trash has become a major problem in Bali together with transportation issues. He said he hoped the Australian Consulate would also invite officials from the Environmental Agency, Public Works Department and the Department for Oceans and Fisheries to attend.

“The oceans are also part of our concern because there is a great deal of trash thrown into the sea,” said Pastika. He said the seminar was especially timely given the fact that Bali will serve as the host of the International Monetary Fund – World Bank meeting and plans for issues of the environment to be discussed at the Summit.

The Governor and Dr. Studdert also had the opportunity to discuss briefly the continuing cooperation between Bali’s new Mandara Hospital and Australia.

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