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Bali Suffers Island-Wide Power Failure on September 5, 2018

The entire island of Bali experienced a power outage on Wednesday, September 5, 2018, caused when a high-voltage 150 KV line carrying power from East Java to Bali became unstable causing a generalized failure in the power grid.

As reported by, the outage commenced 11:26 Bali time taking out in quick succession the Steam-generated power plant (PLTU) in Pacitan, the high voltage line connecting Paiton and Grati, the high voltage live between Paiton and Kediri, the PLN sub-system at Kediri, and the subsystem at Paiton.

Power slowly began being returned to Bali after 2:00 pm and was largely returned to all areas by late afternoon.

Separately, the power outage has prompted calls for the rapid completion of a project to connect Java and Bali with the world’s tallest high-voltage line, reducing the reliance for submarine connections and guaranteeing adequate power supplies to Bali for years to come.

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