Sad Adieu to Bamboo

Fire Destroys Major Bamboo Furniture Factory in Kusamba, Bali
A nighttime fire at PT Indobamboo Lestari – a bamboo furniture factory in Kusamba Village on Friday, May 18, 2018, has destroyed the factory and caused billions of rupiah in damage.

As reported by NusaBali, no fewer than 9 fire trucks sourced from Klungkung, Gianyar and Denpasar responded to the fire first noticed at 4:50 am . Preliminary investigations suggest the fire may be linked to a short circuit in the building’s wiring.

The fire, fed by supplies of dried bamboo and flammable adhesives, raged for nearly 10 hours before firefighters could finally bring the blaze under control.

Efforts to put out the fire were hampered by the availability of only a single fire hydrant, resulting in the need to fetch water from several sources scattered across the area. In all, some 40 tanks of water were pumped onto the fire. Strong offshore winds also fanned and fed the fire.

No casualties were reported in the fire that was prevented from spreading to nearby homes.

Observes estimate that 80% of the factory operated by Arief Rabik, the son of the late Bamboo pioneer Linda Garland, was destroyed in the fire.

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