Safe and Sound in Bali

Bali Police Chief Insists Bali Remains Safe Following North Sumatra Terror Attack

Following a terrorist suicide attack on a Medan police station on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, and the subsequent arrest of the perpetrator’s wife who purportedly told police future attacks were planned for Bali, the Provincial Chief of Police for Bali, General Petrus  Reinhard Golose, has rejected reports suggesting Bali may be in imminent threat of a terrorist act.

As reported by, General Golose says reports suggesting Bali is in danger of an attack are a “hoax” insisting there is no connection between the Medan bombing and Bali. Speaking on Friday, November 15, 2019, Golose said: “I said that the news (of a Bali connection) is a hoax. There are no investigative reports that connect the suspect (the bomber’s wife) with Bali. I have already cross-checked this with our officers assigned to the Transnational Organized Crime Desk (CTOC) and the special detachment division (Densus).”

Golose underlined that Bali remains safe and secure. As the Island approaches Christmas and New Year’s 2020, police in Bali have prepared their officers to maintain the peace. The top policeman in Bali added: “Until this point in time, there is no indication of terror for the Bali region. Nonetheless, I emphasize that all police officers in Bali must remain on alert and be ready to act. We are working together with our law enforcement associates and anti-terror officers.”

Referring to Bali’s sea and air gateways, Golose said there is no obvious security threat. At the same time, security measures at all gateways have been upgraded.

Referring to an incident on Thursday, November 13, 2019, when a man invaded a police ceremony at the Brimob Headquarters in East Denpasar screaming he was carrying a bomb, Golose commented “the man was crazy.” The 55-year-old man, Subagio, was taken into custody by police and sent for psychological evaluation.


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