Satan Sobs Once More

Indian Tourist Lost at Sea from Devil’s Tear Cliff on Nusa Penida, Bali

The popular seaside cliff setting of “Tebing Batut Belek” or, as it is known in English, “Devil’s Tear” on Bali’s Nusa Penida Island has claimed another life. The latest victim is an Indian National, Kausal Aditya (24), who was swept from the cliff’s edge by a large wave on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 and is now "lost at sea" and presumed dead.

As reported by, following the Indian’s disappearance an emergency search was commenced but, as this article goes to press - to no avail.

Prior to the incident, Kausal Aditya was staying together with fellow-traveler Agrawal Kshitiz (31) at the Villa Kusuma Abianta on nearby Lembongan Island.

Before being swept into the sea below, the two,who had arrived at Devil’s Tear by motorcycle, were seen making “Selfie” photographs at the ocean’s edge.

Startled bystanders saw Aditya struggling in the high waves and current before finally disappearing into the water. Efforts to reach the Indian by local boat failed. Agrawal Kshitiz, however, managed to make it to shore, suffering only minor cuts and abrasions.

A rescue team using rigid-bottom zodiacs have been sweeping a radius of 1-2 nautical miles in an effort to recover the tourist’s body.

There have been numerous fatalities recorded at Devil’s Tear due to large waves frequently of large waves buffeting the shoreline.

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