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Saving Benoa Bay from a Build-up of Sludge

Environmentalist Want Bali’s Toll Authority to Dredge Silted Soil Build-Up under Bali’s Elevated Toll Road

RadarBali.com reports that the Friends of the Earth (WALHI) is expanding its list of current environmental platforms to include not only the revision of the Provincial Zoning Law (RTRW – Bali) to also include a close examination of the means, methods, and plans surrounding the building of the Bali Mandara Toll Road in Benoa Bay that was championed by Bal’s former governor Made Mangku Pastika.

According to Suriadi Darmoko, the Regional Consultant to WAHLI-Bali, based on the reports he reviewed, the sedimentation of Benoa Bay triggered a number of issues that are not limited to the reclamation of the Bay, but also call into question toll project spanning Benoa Bay,

“Yes,” said Darmoko, “the toll is one of the causes of sedimentation. For this reason, he said rehabilitation work must take place around the pier supports for the toll road." He called on the Provincial Government of Bali to take the toll authority to task and compel them to dredge the areas surrounding the standing piers supporting the toll road.

Darmoko added: “It is the responsibility of the Province to compel the toll road managers to dredge the soil allowed to accumulate under the toll roads, but the Province has failed in its responsibility to summon the toll managers.

In response, Made Arca Wirawan, representing a group of Government experts on National development projects, said he had heard Bali’s current Governor, Wayan Koster, suggest to  President Joko Widodo’s to create mangrove plantations in the silt beds that have accumulated under the current toll road.