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Seeking Wider Horizons of Understanding

TEDxUbud Event Set to Stimulate Innovation and Creativity on Saturday, May 5, 2018
TEDx is an independently organized event that focuses on ideas worth sharing where stimulating speakers stimulate deep discussions and community cooperation to address the issues of the day. An international phenomenon – TEDx programs stimulate innovation and change on both a local and international basis.

TEDxUbud returns for the 7tth time to Bali on Saturday, May 5, 2018, with a program themed on the “Seen/Unseen.” The venue for the coming TEDxUbud event will the Njana Tilem Museum - a stunning museum dedicated to preserving the art of Balinese woodcarving in a setting inspired by past Majapahit architecture.

In Bali the worlds of the “Seen/Unseen” are referred to as Sekala and Niskala, which contrast the sacred and profane elements of daily life. In Bali, everything does not meet the eye as objects, individuals and animals all having a strong spiritual side. Thus, TEDxUbud will explore the world of the seen/unseen, which includes the hidden forces that shape our world, what’s under the surface of art, and the secret power of blood for biomedicine. The Seen/Unseen will lead us into the unknown and will enrich our world in ways we haven’t experienced before.

Founded 35 years ago, TED initially referred to Technology, Entertainment and Design. Today, TED sessions take a much broader approach touching on issues as wide-ranging as science, politics, health, the environment finance, and self-growth.

The confirmed speakers lineup for TEDxUbud 2018 includes: one of Bali's most inspiring female Chefs; a chemist who is researching the unseen in Komodo Dragon blood; a cultural anthropologist who try to combine modern conservation strategy with the unseen belief system of the Bajau people; a brand builder who figure out a way to see failure and find the unseen path to success; the founder of a cross cultural student exchange program to promote tolerance; a visual artist who believe that art can lead to social change; a UN youth advisor who is going to analyze Indonesia's youth; a community of young Balinese Dancers who celebrates tradition in their work; Bali's musical Einstein; an exciting Korean traditional percussionist who wanted to promote Jangu; a trio of talented ladies with a lots of soul; and a theatrical piece performed on a massive bamboo whale installation.

The full listing of speakers and performers are available at tedxubud.com 

Tickets can be obtained via the following link for Tickets 

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