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She Fought the Law and the Law Won

U.K. Woman Sentenced to 6-Month Prison for Slapping an Immigration Official and Skipping Court Appearances

The 42-year-old Pakistan-born U.K. woman who has been sought by police and State Prosecutors after missing three sentencing proceedings in Denpasar was found, forcibly taken into custody, and sentenced on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

Auj-E Taqaddas was placed in handcuffs by officers of the State Prosecutors when she was apprehended inside the Lippo Mall in Kuta. Video taken during the apprehension showed the corpulent Taqaddas in a black tank top and short red skirt kicking, screaming, and struggling with officers who ushered her out of the Mall to a waiting vehicle that immediately brought her to Court for sentencing.

Prosecutors admit they had the woman under close surveillance for several days prior to her arrest, during which she spent most of the time wandering in and out of shops and staying in a hotel opposite the Mall.  Surprisingly, Taqaddas spent the night before her arrest sleeping in the Malls public areas, only to become abusive to a security guard who woke her in the morning. Taqaddas reportedly had a room booked in a hotel across from the Lippo Mall.

Keeping the woman under surveillance until the time set for her sentencing, 12 prosecutorial staff, using two vehicles, swept down as Taqaddas sat in a public area of the Mall. Refusing to come along peacefully with the officials, she was placed in handcuffs and forcibly brought to a waiting car at 11:30 am.

At the Court, she was advised that she had been handed a sentence of 6-month, half of the sentence requested by prosecutors and 8-months less than the maximum allowed for a conviction of assaulting a government officials in the course of performing his duty. In late July 2018, Taqaddas struck the face of an immigration official at Bali Airport who was processing the woman for overstaying her visa by more than 3 months.

Image: Screen save from Tribune-Bali Video

Reports say the woman became angry and once again disruptive after hearing her final sentence and being transported in a locked van for transport to a nearby prison.

Taqaddas reportedly plans to appeal her 6-month sentence. The appeals court can, at its option, reduce the woman’s sentence or increase the penalty up until the maximum allowed of 14 months.

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