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Slap Happy Lion Air Pilot Behind Bars

Lion Captain Gabriel Sudarto Arrested for Slapping Surabaya Hotel Employee

Captain Gabriel Sudarto (29), the Lion Air Captain who was caught on CCTV camera repeatedly hitting a male employee of the Hotel La Lisa in Surabaya in the early hours of Tuesday, April 30, 2019, presumably in order to register his vehement displeasure with the way the hotel ironed his uniform is now living in an unimaginable world of trouble and woe.

When the CCTV footage was posted to social media it immediately went viral prompting the management of Lion Air to summarily ground the young pilot pending an investigation of the incident.

In the days following the physical assault, police in Surabaya collected copies of the CCTV tape showing the assault, gathered urine samples from both the pilot and the hotel employee he struck, sent the hotel worker to a forensic doctor for an evidentiary examination, recorded a criminal complaint from the hotel worker against the pilot and, finally, placed the pilot in police detention pending trial.

As shown in the illustration, Captain Sudarto's unpressed wardrobe is now provided by the Police in Surabaya.

NusaBali says Sudarto is now officially listed as a suspect and will soon be formally charged by State Prosecutor with criminal assault.

Police can now hold Sudarto for 21 days during which he must be formally charged with a crime.

Saying he was traumatized by the attack, the hotel employee is on medical leave from his job.

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