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Sprucing Up for Visiting Bankers

Private Sector Funding Upgrades of Dewi Ruci Monument in Kuta, Bali Prior to IMF-World Bank Conference

Balipost.com reports that in the lead up to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)-World Bank Conference to be held in Bali in October 2018, a number of local historical icons will be spruced up in order to dazzle and please the more than 15,000 delegates expected to visit the Island.

The Parks and Environmental Department of the Badung Regency is installing fountains and theatrical lighting to adorn the Dewi Ruci Monument at the entrance to Kuta. Once the lighting and fountain work is installed, the gardens surrounding the monument will also be enhanced. The monument will also be painted and the surrounding pool waterproofed.

The improvements at the fountain are being funded by private sector donations amounting to some Rp. 1.5 billion.

Other public park and monument improvements in preparation for the important IMF-World Bank Conference include repairs to the Satria Gatot Kaca Monument at the entrance to the airport and at the Ground Zero Monument in Kuta. If time and funds permit, lamps will also be added to the gardens surrounding Bali’s only two underpass tunnels.

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