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The Absolute Need to Be Understood

Indonesian Government Revives Plans to Make Indonesian Language Proficiency Mandatory for Foreign Workers
The Manpower Ministry is once indicating that proficiency in the Indonesian language will become a requirement for foreigners seeking working permits in Indonesia.

Kompas.com quotes Budiman of the Manpower Ministry Legal Bureau saying: “We will issue a ministerial regulation [on deliberation of the requirement]. It is being discussed and drafted.”

Included in a 2015 draft of Manpower Ministerial Regulation No. 16/2015 the plan to require fluency in Indonesian was later removed when it was determined that there were many critically needed technical workers on short term assignments who would be unable to meet the requirement.
According to Budiman, the new regulations now being drafted would require foreigners working for extended periods of six months or longer in Indonesia to have a proficiency in Indonesian.

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