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The Cost of Being Slap Happy

Trial Begins for U.K. Woman who Assaulted Immigration Officer in Bali

Auj-E Taqaddas the emotionally distraught UK tourist who overstayed her visa for several months before verbally and physically assaulting an immigration officer at Bali’s Airport in July 2018, is back in the news.  The woman who is originally from Lahore, Pakistan, appeared in the Denpasar District Court to face charges for assaulting a government official in the course of performing his official duties.

If convicted, Auj-E Taqaddas could face a maximum 16 months imprisonment and a fine of Rp. 4.5 million.

A scientist specializing in the treatment of cancer, Auj-E Taqaddas has written a number of scientific treatises and has featured as a speaker at major medical conferences worldwide.

As reported by Balipost.com, Taqaddas displayed the same lack of restraint and undisciplined behavior that precipitated her initial arrest in July 2018.

When Auj-E Taqaddas appeared in court on Thursday, December 6, 2018, she chose to attend the session without a lawyer; demanded and was refused the return of her U.K. passport; and repeatedly interrupted the proceeding with questions, shouts and screams directed at the panel of judges.

The case before the court continues and Auj-E Taqaddas remains in detention.

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