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The Dangers of Burning Trash

Fire Destroys 3 Villas at Hotel Keraton Jimbaran Beach Resort in Bali
A large blaze in Jimbaran, Bali on Saturday, May 5, 2018, destroyed three villas at the Hotel Keraton Jimbaran Beach Resort.

Officials believe the fire may have been started a trash fire in an adjoining lot that that spread to the Hotel in the late afternoon.

As reported by Bali-tribun.com and Balipost.com, the fire quickly spread and destroyed 3 unoccupied villas – No. 501, 502, and 503. The fire also spread to the home of a local residence owned by I Made Mariana and I Ketut Alit Senata.

5 fire trucks from the Badung Regency arrived at the scene at 3:30 pm, delayed by heavy traffic in the area.

The financial cost of the fire is still being calculated. 

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