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Rich Prada Hotel Legal Missteps Leads to Closure by Badung Regency Officials in Bali
The publication of a “help wanted” advertisement by the Rich Prada Hotel in Pecatu that specifically discouraged native Balinese from applying brought an avalanche of complaints of discriminative and racist hiring practices from many walks of Balinese society. Shortly after the protests began the management of the hotel was summoned by the Badung Department of Industry and Manpower on April 18, 2018. As reported by Bisnis Bali, Oka Dirga, the head of the Department, decried attempts by the Rich Prada Bali to discriminate against the majority Hindu population of the Island. Adding: “Whoever operates a business in Bali must always honor the cultural values of the Island.”

Moreover, Oka said the advertisement was a direct violation a 2003 law forbidding discrimination in any form in the recruitment of labor. The Manpower officials also revealed that the Resort, that has been in operation since 2012, has failed to establish a written set of labor regulations as required under the law.

Law Number 13 of 2003 on Manpower specifically outlaws discrimination in hiring on the bases of tribal links, religion or race.

After receiving a written reprimand from the Manpower Department, a representative of The Rich Prada Bali apologized for the advertisement, attributing the racist “help wanted” notice to “human error.”

The scrutiny precipitated by the racist advertisement has also started a chain of events that has resulted in the temporary closure of the hotel as officials report that the hotel, that has been open since 2012, lacked the proper operational permits. reports that the management of the hotel agreed to close its doors until such a time as it meets a number of requirements necessary for legal operations.

Badung Regency Enforcement officials (Satpol PP Badung) formally closed the Hotel but will allow guests currently in the hotel to conclude their stay and check out.

Among the reasons cited by the Regency in refusing to issue operating licenses to the Rich Prada Resort was its failure to install an adequate fire detection system.

The Rich Prada Resort is no longer seeking new employees, Hindu or otherwise, as it remains closed until further notice.

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