The Lady Lost It!

42-year-Old U.K. Woman Facing Mounting Legal Troubles for Overstaying Her Visa in Indonesia and Slapping the Face of Immigration Officials, among other national online media, are reporting how a 42-year-old English U.K. national, Auj-e Taqqadas, is facing a world of woe after overstaying her visa for 6 months or 160 days and making matters substanially worse by physically assaulting an immigration officers as she attemted to depart the Country on Saturday, July 28, 2018.

In accordance with established official fines imposed on foreign guests who overstay their visa, Taqqadas became extremely agitated when told she must pay Rp. 57 million (equalling US$25 per day) and began screaming loudly at the Immigration officer, at one point striking the border official on the face.

Held by police and immigration officials, the woman attended a court proceeding on Friday, August 3, 2018, only to be told she must remain in Indonesia while prosecutors complete the criminal filings needed at trial for immigration violations and physically attacking a 28-year-old immigration official. The woman’s outburst was caught on video that has gone viral on social media in which the woman became enraged purportedly because several email sent to immigration in Jakrta regarding her over-stay had not receive a written response from immigration officials.

According to immigration officials, an overstay in excess of 60 days can result in a fine, deportation, and black-listing for any future visits to Indonesia. In the case of Taqqadas, she now faces the additional possibility of imprisonment as punishment for the criminal assault on a government official.

The criminal case against the woman will be heard in a Denpasar Court on Wednesday, August 8, 2018. Unsuprisingly, when the woman was told of the delay in the case she once again began very emotional, shouting at government officials.

While a fine, deportation and black listing from Indonesia seem a certaintly, it is unclear if the Court will respond to widespread calls from the public that she be imprisoned before deporatation on a charge of criminal assault.


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