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Chinese Tourists Dies While Making Selfie at Nusa Penida, Bali

NusaBali reports that another tourist has lost her life in Nusa Penida in the course of making a “selfie” photograph at Pantai Angel Bilabong on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

Qui Wei (43) a Chinese tourist was swept into the ocean and drowned, while an English tourist, Emily Seth (17), was safely rescued and dragged to shore by friends and suffered only cuts and contusions.

Qui Wei reportedly fell into the ocean from a seaside cliff at Pantai Angel Bilabong at 9:40 am. A passing dive boat managed to retrieve the victims lifeless body and bring it to shore with severe wound to legs, arms and back inflicted by rocks and coral on the ocean’s edge.

Qui, together with Emily Seth, and four other traveling companions had left Sanur Beach bound for Nusa Penida that morning on a one day package tour to Nusa Penida.

Shortly after arriving at Nusa Penida, the group posed for "selfie" photos and were swept into the sea by a large wave.

While Seth was quickly pulled to shore, Qui Wei was swept out to sea for approximately ten minutes before being pulled into a passing dive boat only to be pronounced dead on a nearby shore.

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