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The Need to Report Foreign House Guests

Immigration Authorities in Bali Create Online Reportng System for Accommodation Providers to Report Overnight Guests

Balipost.com reports that authorities in Bali are reminding villa and accommodation owners and managers that they are required under law to report the details of all guests to the local immigration office.

The head of the Justice and Human Rights Office for Bali, Matyoto Sumandi, said his office is seeking the cooperation of owners and operators of accommodation providers. Moreover, reports are requested to be made in “real time” via the online facility provided by the Government. On Tuesday, July 7, 2018, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office launched a program named Aplikasi Pelaporan Orang Asing - Next Generation (APOA-NG) at a recent gathering of hundreds of local accommodation providers.

The new reporting system only requires accommodation providers to scan the passport of their foreing guests and automatically forward that to the immigration office.

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