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Green Peace’s Rainbow Warrior Uses Bali Visit to Fight Coal-powered Electricity, Plastic Pollution and Lend Support to ForBALI’s Fight Against Reclamation of Benoa Bay
The international environmental group Green Peace is calling on the Provincial Government of Bali to urgently develop new, alternative energy sources and abandon plans to build two additional coal-burning power plants (PLTU) at Celukan Bawang in North Bali with a capacity of 2 x 220 megawatts that, in the opinion of the environmentalists, is not consistent with Bali’s stated goals of establishing a sustainable tourism industry. reports that Hindun Mulaika, the head of the Environment and Energy Section for Green Peace Indonesia, said the proposed Coal-driven PLTU facility at Celukan Bawang will only contribute to climate change due to the high rate of carbon emissions. Closer to home, the carbon emissions will severely pollute the air of surrounding communities in North Bali.

Green Peace Indonesia has announced it will join the local community in North Bali in a legal action to stop plans to construct another coal-powered plant at Celukan Bawang.

“This will poison the beauty and environmental balance of Bali and thwart plans to create a sustainable form of tourism for the Island,” said Mulaika on board the “Rainbow Warrior” that arrived for a four-day port call at Benoa in Bali on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Mulaika said that coal-burning plants are being abandoned by many nations in favor of new energy sources such as solar energy.

Plastic Pollution

The Green Peace delegation will also use the occasion of their Bali visit to highlight the pollution of the oceans by discarded plastic.

The head of Green Peace Indonesia, Leonard SImanjuntak, blamed the problem of plastic pollution on a lack of discipline among members of the public and as a resulting bu-product of mass tourism. He said he hoped the visit of the Rainbow Warrior to Bali would give voice to the campaign to reduce the production of plastic and the dependence on one-use plastic containers.

Benoa Bay Reclamation

The visit of Green Peace’s Rainbow Warrior to Bali is also intended to provide support to the widespread opposition to the reclamation of Benoa Bay, a cause embraced by Green Peace since the Rainbow Warrior’s first visit to Bali in 2013

The Coordinator the People People’s Forum Opposed to the Reclamation of Benoa Bay (ForBALI), I Wayan ‘Gendo’ Suardana, said the second visit of the Rainbow Warrior to Bali celebrates the continuing struggle to save Benoa Bay commenced by ForBALI that had grown into a mass protest movement.

He said that without the ongoing protest against the reclamation project a 700-hectare development would already be established in Benoa. Adding, “The current visit of the Rainbow Warrior will hopefully strengthen the public’s resolve to refuse the reclamation of Benoa Bay.”

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