Time to Clean Your Plates

Calls for all Vehicles Operating in Bali on Long Term Basis to Display Provincial Number License Plates
The Provincial Government of Bali is urging people living in Bali using motor vehicles license plates from outside the province to quickly change their vehicle titles to Bali domicile addresses.

In the past, vehicle with an age of more than 5 years were banned from re-registration in Bali. That law (Perda No 8 tahun 2000) has been revoked opening the door for older vehicles to acquire Bali license plates.

As reported by Beritabali.com, the head of provincial revenues for Bali, I Made Santa, has urged people living in Bali to change any vehicles with non-provincial plates into Bali registration plates at the earliest opportunity.

Santa said people should re-register their vehicles as soon as possible and not wait until inspection teams compel compliance.

The local registration of motor vehicles represents a major source of income for the Province of Bali.

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