Tourism Begins at Home

Bali Warned Not to Ignore its # 1 Source of Tourists: Domestic Travelers

NusaBali reports that that the Deputy Minister for the Development of International Tourism Markets (BP3M), I Gede Pitana Brahmananda, said that in the past, Bali was guilty of assigning a secondary importance to domestic tourism, when, in fact,  domestic tourist make a signofocant impact on the Island’s tourism economy,

“Remember and make no mistake about it,” said Pitana, “domestic tourist make a big contribution to the regional economy." Speaking on Sunday, January 27, 2019, Pitana pointed to the large market share of domestic tourists enjoying starred-hotels in Bali’s Regency of Badung. Adding, “The data is clear. Just ask the head of Badung’s Tourism Service (I Wayan Badra) about where the most promotional funds are spent and where the highest amounts of Hotel and Restaurant Tax (PHR) is collected.”

For 2019, Bali is targeting 12 million domestic tourist arrivals. Meanwhile, the target for international tourist arrivals to Bali is only 7.1 million from among the 20 million foreign tourists targeted nationally for the current year.

With 20 million foreign tourists expected in 2019, tourism officials hope that US$ 20 billion in foreign exchange will be brought to Indonesia’s economy with a 40% share or US$8 billion coming to the Province of Bali. Badra said: “Indeed, the total of domestic tourists is always more than international tourist. Generally, domestic tourists visiting the Regency of Badung like to stop at places such as Pandawa Beach, Kuta, and religious temples."

Badra said that domestic tourists to Bali use the full-range of accommodation available in the Regency starting from simple inns (hotel melasti) to starred hotels. “There is no difference in the quality of services offered to domestic and international tourists, with all tourists contributing to regional revenues via hotel and restaurant taxes. Both foreign and domestic tourists are important,” said Badra.

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