Tragic Self-Sacrifice

Spanish Tourist Drowns at Nusa Penida After Saving Wife and Two Sons from Strong Currents
A 53-year-old Spanish national, Francisco Miguel Garcia Perez, drowned on Saturday, April 28, 2018, at Secret Beach at Nusa Lembongan as he swam to save his wife and two children who were being swept away by strong currents.

According to NusaBali, the tragic incident occurred shortly after noon.

Perez and his family were guests at the Lembongan Cliff Villas at Nusa Penida. Intent on enjoying the beach and surrounding oceans, the family rented two motorcycles to leave for Secret Beach, arriving at their destination at around 11:00 am.

At around 11:30 am, Perez’s wife and two sons were suddenly swept out to sea by a strong current. Perez swam to their assistance managing to pull his family to safety on a passing fishing boat, but, tragically, became exhausted in the process and was himself carried out to sea where he subsequently drowned.

The fishing boat also managed to retrieve Perez and brought him to shore where he was pronounced dead at a local community medical center.

The Spaniard’s body was taken to the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar for forensic examination.

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