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Udeng-Udeng versus Undang-Undang

Bali Police Chief Declares Religious Ritual is No Excuse for Failing to Follow Traffic Rules

Bali’s Chief of the Provincial Police, Inspector General Petrus Reinhard Golose, who has a reputation for fearlessness in facing down local gangs backed by high officials is now venturing into the heretofore sacrosanct area of Balinese dress.

As reported by Beritabali.com, General Golose has told Balinese men that the proper headwear when driving a motorcycle is not the traditional “udeng” but a helmet meeting the guidelines set for by the Indonesian government. The Balinese have long argued that men and women in traditional Balinese dress should be exempted from road safety rules requiring helmet use and general motorcycle safety rules.

Golose said: “Motorcyclist in Bali should store their “udeng” and wear a helmet when the motorcycle is underway."

Pointing to the unnecessarily high rates of head injuries resulting from people failing to wear a helmet, the Police Chief pledged he would gradually begin enforcing all the existing traffic rule.

The police chief said that young millennial’ s - between the ages of 17 and 36 - represent the most active segment of society failing to follow traffic rules and regulations. The focus of coming traffic police enforcement will be on safety and a rigorous following of traffic rules and regulations. Police believe a stricter enforcement of traffic rules will result in reduced levels of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities on the roadways.