Unfit to Sip or Swallow

Researchers Delcare Bore Water Near South Denpasar’s Suwung Rubbish Dump Is Badly Polluted and Unfit for Human Consumption

Beritabal.com reports that pollution indexes on ground well water drawn from areas surrounding the Suwung-Denpasar Rubbish Dump (TPA) are heavily polluted. Well water taken within a 1-200 meter paremeter are “heavily polluted” (cemar berat) and at a distance of 201-400 meters as “generally prolluted” (cemar sedang).

The information on pollution levels was published in an Indonesian language article “A Study on Shallow Ground Water and Income for People Living Near the Swung Rubbish Dum in South Denpasar” that appeared in the Jurnal Ecotrophic, Volume 10, Nomor 1 2016.

Researchers Agus Eka Subrata Jaya, I Wayan Suarna, and I Wayan Redi Aryanta wrote noting differing levels of pollution in water wells depending on their proximity to the massive TPA Suwung Rubbish Dump. Better water quality were found in water sources from bore wells. Researchers have found that water quality surrounding the TPA Suwung has continued to decline in quality testing carried out in 1998, 2008, and 2014. Polluted water is now found in wells as far as 400 meters from the rubbish dump.

Generally, the water surrounding the TPA Suwung is sub-standard, failing to meet minimum standards set forth in the provincial Governor’s Regualation No. 8 of 2007.

The researchers who are part of a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies at Udayana Univesity recommend that the public living near the TPA Suwung not consume water taken from shallow ground water sources.

The reasearchers also recommend that those in charge of TPA Suwung cease using an “open dumping system” and convert to a sanitary landfill system.