Wash Behind the Ears

Taka a Bath with an Elephant at The Bali Zoo

The Bali Zoo in Singapadu has launched an Elephant Mud Fun (EMF) program providing the public the opportunity to take a mud bath with a magnificent and obliging Sumatran elephant.

As reported by Balipost.com, the elephant mud bath experience begins with the pachyderms being given a treat of a variety of fresh fruits before proceeding to a specially prepared mud put.

Emma Chandra, spokesperson for the Bali Zoo, claims the EMF program is the only activity of its kinds in Indonesia. The program, she explained, was created when many visitors expressed their wish to have a closer interaction with some of the animals. Because of the popularity of the activity, as many as 30 people request the chance to take a mud bath with the elephants each day.

Mud baths are a natural “spa treatment” for the elephants at the Bali Zoo and also for the human beings who join the ritual. “Believe it or not,” said Emma, “after you take a mud bath you skin becomes smoother. It’s the same with the elephants, mud is a moisturizer and protects skin from being dried out by the Sun.”


The EMF also allowed visitors to take an active part in animal care by helping to tend for the 13 Sumatran Elephants who live at the Bali Zoo.

The EMF experience involves the use of two pools. A mud pool measuring 10 x 10 meters and a separate sand pool of a similar size for rinsing off.  Each pool can accommodate 3 elephant and 30 guests at any one time. Alternatively, elephant and guests can head for the nearby Wos River to continue the bathing experience.

The Elephant Mud Fun activity costs between Rp. 1.35-1.5 million per person. Two session at 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 pm are organized each day. Morning sessions include a delicious lunch, while the afternoon session ends with dinner.