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Bali to Limit the Number of Online Taxi Operators to 7,500. Online Taxi to Be Required to Display Official Permit Stickers
The Head of the Provincial Transportation Service in Bali, I.G.A. Sudarsana, has announced that his office is limiting the number of online rental vehicles authorized to operate in Bali to 7.500 vehicles. Sudarsana says the limitation is needed to avoid conflicts arising from the presence of online vehicle operators in Bali.

Beritabali.com quoted Sudarsana, saying: “The quota for Bali for online transport vehicles is limited to 7.500.” His comments were made at a seminar on the handling of problems connected to Online Transport in Bali held at the Aston Hotel in Denpasar on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

He went on to explain that his office has received applications for principal approvals for transportation permits from 7.000 four-wheeled vehicles from the established total quota of 7,500.

Vehicles granted permits to operate as online vehicles will be required to display stickers provided by the Province or face possible citation and fines. Meanwhile, online operators are reluctant to display such stickers out of fear of being attacked by community tax services who object to online vehicles infringing in their self-declared jurisdictions.

In order to force compliance with the permit system, the Province has announced that online transport companies have only six months to fulfill the number of permits they initially request from the Government. Any failure to process the entire initial quota will see the subsequent number of new permits available to the online operator reduced by 75%.

Presently there are 19 private companies (PT) and Cooperatives (Koperasi) seeking online transportation permits.

Regarding the issuance of principal permits for motorcycles operating online, Sudarsana said his office does not have the authority in this area that has yet to be contemplated under existing regulations. Adding: “The Ministry of Transportation is currently discussing operational permits for two-wheeled transport. Hopefully new regulations in this area will soon be issued and we will be able to implement those rules in the province.”

The head of the Provincial Transportation Office said that taxis using meters in Bali currently stands at 3,000 units.

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