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What Udin Did for Online Love

Bali Police Make Quick Arrest in Brutal Beating and Robbery of Japanese Woman

As reported by Balidiscovery.com, a Japanese woman, Mika Hasegawa (38), suffered severe injuries including a broken neck after being robbed in her apartment in Pemogan, Denpasar on Monday, November 25, 2019. In the course of the robbery, the woman was savagely beaten and fell from the second floor of her apartment into an adjacent vacant lot.

Police from the Denpasar Police Precinct were quick to apprehend Fahrudin (a/k/a Udin) (38) from Ngawi, East Java as he was preparing to board a flight in Banyuwangi destined to Medan, ostensibly to meet an “online” girlfriend. In the man’s possession were a number of incriminating items including a gold necklace and a bag purchased by Udin for his girlfriend.

Beritabali.com quoted the head of the Denpasar Police Precinct, Ruddi Setiawan, who said an interrogation of the man revealed he had worked for several weeks as part of the cleaning crew at the woman’s apartment building and had spent the week prior to the robbery surveying the victim and her apartment.

Police continued, commenting that on Monday, November 25, 2019, at around 8:00 am Udin followed the Japanese woman who was returning after delivering her child to school. When she arrived at her apartment door, he struck the Hasegawa on the head and commenced to strangle her neck. In the ensuing struggle, the woman freed herself from the robber's clench and jumped from the second-floor window of her apartment, landing in an open field, where she was soon discovered by a security guard from the complex.

Police say Udin fled the scene with an IPhone X and 300,000 Yen. Upon arriving in Banyuwangi, East Java he purchased the gold necklace and the bag intended as a gift for his online girlfriend living in Medan.

Udin held Citilink air tickets for Jakarta with plans to catch a connecting flight to Medan. Police say Udin had only met his Medan-based girlfriend via Facebook but the two had already pledged to marry once Udin arrived in Mean.

When arresting Fahrudin, police found 2 wallets, a large amount of Japanese Yen and Indonesian Rupiah, 2 handphones, five ATM cards in the name of the Japanese woman, and Hasegawa’s Indonesian driver’s license

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