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When Not to Do a Walkabout in Bali

Three Apprehended for Outside Activities During Nyepi

Traditional “pecalang” community watch member apprehend two locals and one Chinese tourist for disregarding the rules of absolute silence and staying at home behind closed doors during the 24-hour “Nyepi” period on March 7, 2019.

NusaBali reports that three people were caught surfing off Legian Beach – a clear violation of local norms for the “day of silence.”

Taken into custody were:

• Anugrah, a 23-year old man from Muncar, Banyuwangi, East Java who was surfing at 7:30 am on March 7, 2018, when traditionally dressed pacalang guards summoned the man to shore where they searched him for any form of identity. The young man told the guards that he was staying near Jalan Poppies in Kuta and claimed he had no knowledge of the rules governing public conduct on Nyepi despite admitting living in Bali for the past five years where he works as a surfing instructor. Anugrah was taken to the Legian Village Chief’s Office (lurah) where he was given a lecture on the meaning of Nyepi and given an assignment of community service cleaning a temple’s ground. He was later released and required to make a formal letter of apology, pledging to never repeat his transgression of Bali-Hindu religious norms.

• In Tuban another man was apprehended by a pacalang patrol walking local streets. Rusli (30) from Bima, Sumbawa, (shown) was taken to the Village office of Tuban where he was given a lecture and compelledto clean the office toilets. He also told officials he had only lived in Bali for two months and had no knowledge of Nyepi observances.

Pecalang in Kuta apprehended a Chinese tourists walking on local streets at 10:00 am. The man appeared confused and suffering from stress. He told authorities he was homeless. Those who apprehended the man handed him over to Police for disposition. Because the Chinese tourist appeared to be in a state of emotional confusion, no punishment was administered to the man.

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