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You Take the Long Road and I’ll Take the Short Road

Buleleng Regency Ready to Provide Land for Construction of a 1.8-kilometer Shortcut Highway Between Bedugul and Singaraja
As reported by NusaBali, the Regency of Buleleng has stated its readiness to make land available land for the planned construction of a north-south highway in the villages if Wanagiri and Gitgit.

The land needed for the highway’s construction covers an area of 11-hectares that is currently owned by 32 families.

The head of public works for the Regency of Buleleng, Ketut Suprata Wijaya, told the press on Monday, April 16, 2018, that the acquisition of the land for the road project will take place in 2018, but will only be undertaken by the Regency after the a change in the routing of the north-south road is confirmed by the National Road Planning Agency (BBPJN).

Original plans for the new “shortcut” highways were in a location on the western side of the present road connecting Singaraja and Bedugul. New plans for the road, however, relocate the new road to the east side of the Singaraja to Bedugul road. The new route is considered less challenging on an engineering level than the original plan.

While the proposed “shortcut” at 1.8 kilometers in length is slightly longer than the existing road of 1.5 kilometers, the new road will offer a faster road that is less winding and safer for vehicular traffic. The new route’s land requirement of 11 – hectares is almost twice the 6.6-hectares required for the original plan.

The Regency Administration has allocated Rp. 10 billion from the 2018 Budget for the acquisition of the land needed to build the new road.

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