Young and Spritely at 28

Ayodya Resort Bali Celebrates 28 Years of Success Serving the World from Nusa Dua

The owners, management and employees of The Ayodya Resort Bali gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the 537-rooms and suites 5-star hotel in south Bali to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the world-famous tropical resort on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

Owned by the Indonesian Company PT Banigati Betegak, construction of the Resort commenced on February 14, 1987. More than three years later, the resort held its soft opening on December 30, 1990, followed by a formal opening at which then Indonesian President Suharto presided.

The 11.5 hectare property, situated on the white-sands of Mengiat Beach, operated under the Hilton Brand until it rebranding as The Ayodya Resort Bali on September 01, 2006.

The 28th Anniversary “in-house” gathering was limited to owners, management, and Resort team members who jointly embraced the theme of “achieve the goal and together we can.”

Commencing at 2:30 pm and lasting into the early evening, the invitees were welcomed into the Hotel’s Ballroom for a festive program of music; dance; official speeches from owners, management, and union officials; and lucky draw prizes. A live band together with a traditional gamelan orchestra and dance troupes entertained throughout the day and evening.

A highlight was the grand entrance of a huge Tumpeng – a mountainous circular arrangement of Indonesian food specialties artistically arranged around a peaked mountain of fragrant Indonesian yellow rice steamed in coconut milk.

The Tumpeng entered the Ballroom borne on a large platform led by dancers portraying the primate troupe of the heroic monkey-king Hanoman. As the majestic parade made its way to the stage, a dancer portraying Dewi Sita welcomed Hanoman and his bounty of good food to center-stage.

A traditional form of thanksgiving for good grace and fortune as well as a supplication for the good things to come, the Tumpeng’s large mountain of rice was ceremonially “cut” by the Resort’s owner to then be shared with members of management and the entire operational team. Music and conviviality supplemented the remainder of the afternoon with a number of valuable door prizes won by lucky members of staff.

Memories were also shared between senior and younger team members recalling the many historic milestones of a property that was among the pioneering occupants of the Indonesian Tourists Development Corporation (ITDC) Complex. ITDC has becomes one of the world’s leading destinations for major international conferences and summits - including APEC, ASEAN, World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. Kings, queens, ministers, and heads of states have made the Ayodya their address during visits to the Island of the Gods – Bali.

Reminding all that ITDC and The Ayodya Resort Bali’s best days are yet to come, owners and members of management told all in attendance that the Company’s mantra of “achieve the goal and together we can” should at once recall the Hotel’s brilliant past achievements as it inspire all to join efforts to secure even greater victories in the years to come.

Prior to the celebratory gathering, members of The Ayodya Bali Resort’s management and staff traveled to the SOS Children Village in Tabanan, West Bali - an orphanage for which The Ayodya Resort Bali acts as a lead mentor. During the visit, the children were feted a with food, snacks, and meals brought from the Hotel and enjoyed together with team members who also provided musical entertainment for the children.

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