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Ziva Villa

Private Villa, Seminyak

Located in Seminyak, one of Bali’s ultimate gateway destinations. The concept of modern tropical architecture expose materials honestly with their natural colours, texture, shapes and beauty. The modest design and the simplicity of straight lines create a serene ambience and distinguish the residence’s facades, it calms the soul, lightens the spirit, and shows a path to fall in romance again. Distinctive tropical vegetation adorn the roof garden, dining terrace, the pool sides, and the sun deck. They’re all in a concept of a truly tropical splendor.


The residence comprises a spacious 4 x 12 square meters private lap pool with sun deck in every single villa and semi-open bathing area with its private garden.

The living area formed by transparent glass walls. It offers an outstanding sensation of living just next to nature. Enjoy breakfast at the dining terrace, in your own private paradise.

The semi-open terrace and spacious sun deck offer fresh air to breathe, the view of all-green roof garden with tropical leaves tasseled from the top, the sound of splashing water, and to make it all worth is to have the sparkling eyes and a smiling face of your loved ones.


Room Rates

Regular Season
Room Name Published
Exclusive Tax/Service
No Breakfast
No Breakfast
AND Breakfast
1 Bedroom Pool Villa US$ 350.00++ US$ 423.50 US$ 294.00 31%

The first column shows the different room categories of the villa.
The '++' behind the Published Rates in the second column indicates that these prices are subject to an additional 11% Indonesian Government Tax and 10% Service Surcharge. Breakfast is usually not included in Published Rates.
In the third column we have added those 21% to the Published Rates for your reference. This simplifies the comparison with our Internet Rates.
Our Internet Rates in the forth column are already inclusive of 21% Tax and Service Surcharge.
The saving in the fifth column is calculated against the Published Rates plus the additional charges of 21%.
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