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Bali on White List of Best Black Beaches

Travel and Leisure Magazine has published a list of the world’s 15 most stunning black sand beaches. Included on that list is Bali’s very own Keramas Beach, located on the Island’s easter shore, a short drive from Sanur.

Here’s the list of Travel  + Leisure’s 15 most stunning black-sand beaches around the world:

  1. Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii
  2. Playa Jardín, Canaray Island, Spain
  3. Ureki Beach, Ureiki, Georgia
  4. Perivolos Beach, Santorini, Greece
  5. Kehena Beach, Hawaii
  6. Piha Beach, Piha, New Zealand
  7. Miho no Matsubara, Shizuoka, Japan
  8. Jökulsárlón Beach, Vatnajokull, Iceland
  9. Playa Negra, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
  10. Papenoo Beach, Papenoo, Tahiti
  11. Spiaggia di Ficogrande, Stromboli, Italy
  12. Black Sands Beach, California
  13. Playa Negra, Vieques, Puerto Rico
  14. Rosalie Bay, Rosalie, Dominica
  15. Keramas Beach, Keramas, Bali

Travel + Leisure described Keramas Beach as “stunning” and “especially popular among surfers, so it’s a great place to hit the waves (or at least watch as surfers ride in over the black sand).”

Keramas Beach is perhaps the only surfing beach in Bali offering nighttime illuminated surfing.

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