Balinese Kecak Dancers Join Pandemic Fight reports that the traditional Balinese Village of Yeh Gangga in Tabanan, West Bali has adopted a unique “only in Bali” way in which to educate the local public and tourists on the importance of wearing face masks and taking other steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Vehicles approaching the village via the main road are greeted by a large group of traditionally dressed dancers chanting and harmonizing excerpts from the popular Kecak Dance.

The Yeh Gangga Village Elder, I Ketut Dolla, speaking on Wednesday, 20 May 2020 on a video provided from the Tabanan Police Precinct, said: “This is how the village of Yeh Gangga, in cooperation with the local Task Force for the Mitigation of COVID-19 in Tabanan, educates regarding the need to wash hands and wear face masks for those headed for Yeh Gangga Beach. This includes tourists who are treated to a small performance by members of the village’s Kecak dance troupe.”

Every visitor headed to Yeh Gangga Beach will encounter a group of men in Kecak costumes, chanting in rhythmic counterpoint. The dancers welcome people to stop and wash their hands at a roadside basin and put on a facial mask, supplied by the “welcoming committee” to those who don’t own a mask.

Kecak Dancer Spread the Message on Fighting COVID-19

Local villagers say the “welcoming committee” and their mandatory hand washing and mask station is being done to follow the Province of Bali’s commitment to “break the chain of COVID-19 contagion.

Dolla explained: “The public’s response has been very positive, showing great enthusiasm for the humorous approach to educating the public on how to prevent COVID-19. Here we have one community comprised of 40-50 people taken from a local Kecak dance troupe who in full costume educates visitors while performing elements from the traditional Kecak dance.”

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